Gealach Candles

crystal candles infused with intention.

hand-poured in Ireland with love ♡

My Story

Chloe ✰

Gealach Candles

Gealach Candles was born in Co. Clare, Ireland, when my creativity & love of all things holistic (and glittery) joined forces! Designed with aromatherapy in mind, each eco soy-wax candle is poured in small batches and scented only with high quality pure essential oils.

'Gealach' translates to moon in Irish, a powerful beacon of light that is always shining on even the darkest of nights. That is the inspiration I take with me creating these candles, with the intention that they bring some joy and love to you as you go about your daily life ♡

Each and every candle is unique, hand decorated with botanicals & crystals to promote and enhance emotional & spiritual healing. Im very excited to share my little creations of light & love with you, thank you so much for visiting! 

Chloe X ☾.*✧  

Im LOVING my candle and my partner loves his too, we take turns picking which one we'll burn. They are the nicest candles I have had in AGES! 


It honestly smells insane, the smell has consumed the room and that's just from opening it!


You're in charge of my candles for life!!!! Gealach is definitely my favourite!